Labeling & Packaging

Put the finishing touch on your products with our wide range of labelling options: hang tags, labels, hygiene liners and bags.

Helpful tip: Develop your labelling during the sampling stage/early – so that it doesn’t hold you up later.

Do you have your own labelling? We can apply them to your order and use them to package your final products – if they are delivered to us in time of your production.

All prices quoted are in US$. Labelling does not count towards our MOQ of 100pcs, meaning labelling is considered additions to products ordered.


This tagless label can printed on the inside of your product. Our label is made in-house and they will not crack, flake, or peel with proper care. We provide some templates as you can see below but you can provide your own design as well just make sure to use font size that is bigger than 5pt. 

  • Optional shapes, can be totally custom if you provide design.
  • Colors available in: Black & White.
  • Tested and recommended for: most fabrics.
  • Sample price: $15
  • Bulk price: $0.5



Simple Poly Pack: We do simple polybag packing as a value addition for free, you can request them to be packed per piece or packed in dozens or whatever quantity you like. We like to give you something that is presentable to your clothing brand customer directly.

    Custom bags: For more attention and branding you can add you logo or any other design on the polybag as well. We have this option just so you can get what you exactly wanted, and make sure we have every aspect of your branding need covered.



    Hang Tag

    Elevate your branding with hang tags for physical stores. This piece of card holds more than just price for your product, it can help your brand stand out from the crowd by giving important information. Let your logo do the talking on one side of the hang tag and provide your brand’s website, social media or a short mission statement on the back. 
    We provide 5 different shapes for your perusal and you can provide us your logo and all other necessary information.

    • Colors available in: Black & White.
    • Finishing: Gloss or Matte
    • Sample price: $15
    • Bulk price: from $0.25


    DTF (Direct Transfer Film)

    DTFs are more durable than heat transfer labels and are made of PVC resin + plasticizer resin. Colors can be customized based on pantone.

    • Commonly used on outside of fabric for its durability.
    • Suitable for fabrics under a lot of stress such as activewear or swimwear.
    • Tested and recommended for: All flat swimwear and activewear fabrics.
    • Tested and NOT recommended for: All texturized fabrics.
    • 2-3 days are required for sampling
    • Available in any size, with maximum size 13.8 x 4.2 inch / 35 x 10.7 cm
    • Sample: $15
    • Bulk: starting from $1


    Embroidery Label

    Embroidery labels are the use of durable thread sewn into the form of your icon or wording. Colors can be chosen pantone swatches, however embroidery thread color can only be as similar as possible and not identical to your chosen pantone color.

    • Please note that this option is available for swimwear only
    • It adds texture, richness and dimension using the thread color of your choice (please refer to pantone colors)
    • Proven to be durable under frequent washing
    • 2-3 days are required for sampling
    • Available in any size, with maximum size 3.5 x 3.5 inch / 9 x 9 cm
    • Sample: $15
    • Bulk: Starting from $1


    Cut-Away Label

    Used for reversible swimwear where it can be removed after purchase.

    • Sample (1X) = with Bali Swim artwork for quality reference
    • Bulk (200X) = in packs of 200 labels
    • Colors available in: Black & White.
    • Free digital graphic design mockup service for your logo/artwork on product for your approval.
    • Sample: $15
    • Bulk (200pcs): $40 ($0.2/pc)

    Sateen Tape Care Instruction

    • Colors available in: Black & White
    • Care label purchase through shop will have information & format as shown on image
    • Size: 1.26 x 2.16 inch / 3.2 x 5.5 cm
    • Recommended for resort wear and lounge wear
    • Sample (1X): $15
    • Bulk (20pcs): $1 ($0.05/pc)


    Rubber Patch

    • Available in 2 colors, Black & White
    • Bulk price applies for large orders 500+ or part of bulk order
    • Sample means ordering one for approving design before making bulk order
    • Free digital graphic design mockup service for your logo/artwork on product for your approval.
    • Sample (1X) BS Logo: $1
    • Bulk (500pcs): $200 ($0.4/pc)